We are a company located in the north of Denmark.

NORD RPK Medical is a Scandinavian registered company based on 20 years of experience in healthcare industry. We believe better vision makes diagnosis easier and more accurate.

Our mission is making high end top quality refurbished medical diagnostic equipment’s available worldwide.

NORD RPK Medical is a member of LSI (Life Science Innovation) of North Denmark.

We can sell units to most countries all over the world We are much more interested to sell our units to end user clinics and Hospitals.

We want to support all our clients before and after they purchase units from us. The relation between us and our customers is basically the foundation in our business. Good service and quality are our top priorities.

All our units are tested or refurbished in Scandinavian areas. We can offer service and close cooperation to the end users of all our products.

These days we are more focused on different models of flexible endoscopy systems from famous brands.

There are some advantages to buy pre-owned diagnostic systems, starting with cost. Typically, you will gain access to top quality high end products at more affordable and less expensive prices.

Buying used equipment is greatly beneficial to the environment too. By reusing the equipment, you will extend the life of the units for some years. It is good for our surroundings.

An end user who prefers not to spend a very large amount of money to buy new high end famous brand medical equipment has three options:

1-To buy them brand new from economic models or unknown/low quality brands.

2-To buy used famous brand high end products in “just as is” condition (non-refurbished).

3-To buy refurbished from high end models of famous brands.

Based on 20 years of experience in healthcare industry with mission of making high end high quality refurbished medical diagnostic equipment available worldwide our advice is to choose refurbished high end models of famous brands, because then:

A-You will spend less amount in comparison with buying brand new of the same model.

B-You will be equipped with high end models of famous brands and newer technologies and higher quality.

C-Compared to non-refurbished used units you will have much less headaches and maintenance costs during the next few years of use.

When you buy from us several services are included. All refurbished units have on arrival parts warranty. As an option you can choose additional warranty: 1,3 or 6 months.

For safety we ship all our units from Denmark with professional packing which is suitable for different standard kinds of transports.

***********  Bank information for payment ***********

BANK NAME: Sydbank

BANK ADDRESS: Østre Havnepromenade 26, st. ,Aalborg 9000, Denmark



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 7117 9420998

IBAN-Number: DK5171170009420998

BIC-code (SWIFT-address): SYBKDK22 


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 7117 1431779

IBAN-Number: DK7371170001431779

BIC-code (SWIFT-address): SYBKDK22 

All payments to NORD RPK Medical ApS must  be sent only to the above bank account.

Danish CVR:41170603

Skalhuse 5 ,9240 Nibe,Denmark

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