We design products for you that create value for the end user

We develop industrial design solutions, which means that we are involved in the entire product development process, from the idea is born or the problem arises to the product is fully developed and ready for production. In order to create the best products, we always consider production methods, materials, and the business aspect during development.

We want to help our customers to realize their product ideas, or solve the problem you may have, in collaboration with us.

 Our work platform is thoroughly tested, which makes our approach to the design process methodical and structured.

Throughout the process, transparent work and clear communication are important, and therefore we always work closely with our clients. During the development process, good user contact is crucial for us, because with the right insight into the users’ needs and behavior the marked risk is smaller.

We try to be innovative by asking questions about usage situations and functions so that we can find a smarter solution for our clients.

 The most important thing for us is that the products we design in collaboration with our clients make a difference in the market and help the people using the product.


We offer


Product Design

Our interdisciplinary team consists of an industrial design engineers and doctors with over 20 years of experience. That allows us to help our clients with the development of products in many different areas such as; medico, healthcare, and lifestyle products.



Graphic design

A background as an industrial designer provides a wide range of skills, so we also have the opportunity to help in the following programs, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator with for example logo and brand identity, packaging design, illustration, posters, and brochure setup and presentation material.



How we work


All projects start somewhere, whether it is an idea, a problem, or a market potential. After you have had contact with us, we arrange a meeting where we can have a more detailed talk about the project and your wishes. 



After the conversation with you, we will create an action plan and schedule the development of the project and make an offer which we will review for you. It is important for us that you have an understanding of the development process in the project, as well as a time estimate for the length of the project.

Product development

During larger assignments, a Design brief will be made. Design brief will depending on the project topic. The design brief contains a description of possible competitors, market analysis, user needs, features, wishes, requirements, and other relevant knowledge. Once the Design Brief is developed, the development of ideas and concepts begins, where we outline ideas and principles for exploring the project. The details of the concept will be presented to you, where we together select concepts for further development.


When the project is finished, the agreed elements are handed over to you so that you can continue working on the project. Our work does not necessarily end when the product is delivered. Should the customer need any help in the future with the product, will we always be available.



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