NORD RPK Medical ApS can provide special services for end users in Scandinavian countries including Medical Equipment Leasing and Customizable Technical Service Agreements (Maintenance yearly services and repairs and even insurance of having a backup exchange unit during repair periods).

Leasing Services are only available for our end user clients from Scandinavian countries.

Main aim on these offers is to support end users in Scandinavian countries in a way that they can afford costs of being equipped with excellent medical equipment’s and not being worry about post sale services and also periods which their unit will becomes out of order in future.

Using our leasing package, we can assist offers of both new and refurbished medical equipment which can include Ultrasound scanners & Flexible endoscopy units.

We allow you to cut the purchasing tender process, move your new equipment into a revenue budget and sign for it straight away.

Leasing by its very nature provides a large number of benefits to small healthcare businesses.

equipment leasing provides a much needed alternative to breathe life into your business or organization.

No matter what the size of your request, we will tailor a facility for you. We can source finance for small family practices as well as large medical centers and Hospitals.

building a genuine relationship with customers is our key objective. Besides offering the best quality products, we take responsibility and take care of our clients continuously.

If your old used unit be in our interest area, it is the opportunity that we can accept to exchange your older unit under the deal with us.

Please Contact us to discuss the comprehensive options available to you and your practice.

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