How it works

25 years of experience

“We believe that a key to providing a good healthcare service is to have quality diagnostic tools. Our mission is to make these tools available worldwide.”

When you order a refurbished unit from NORD RPK Medical , we guarantee that you will receive a quality and fully-functioning product, as well as access to good post sales services options that are available to help whenever you need them. 

Our units go through the best refurbishing and testing processes imaginable, ensuring you receive the perfect product for your needs. And if there’s ever an issue, we’ll work with you to fix the problem in best possible way.

At NORD RPK Medical, we understand the challenges of navigating the vast array of options in the second-hand medical equipment market, and we are committed to assisting you throughout this journey.

We know that every clinic and hospital has its unique setup, and finding the perfect equipment that fits your needs and budget is challenging. And when it comes to used medical equipment, it is even more difficult!

That is why it is important to have trustworthy and dedicated partners who can provide guidance and support in any circumstance. We are flexible and capable of accommodating clients from various time zones around the world, ensuring that prompt responses and essential assistance are readily available. We know that being quick to respond and giving our clients the support they need is important to them.

NORD RPK Medical’s mission revolves around becoming a trusted partner, offering a personalized approach tailored to each client and project. We are deeply committed to ethical business practices and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in all our interactions. Our entire team eagerly anticipates the opportunity to help you out with whatever you need!

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