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Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

NORD RPK Medical facilitates access to cost-efficient, high quality equipment for hospitals, whose budgets and ability to replace existing equipment, would otherwise have been negatively impacted. Subsequently, more health providers get access to better equipment, and at better prices. This also leads to improved patient care.

NORD RPK Medical helps to increase the life span of equipment that would other wise have been discarded.

The reuse of equipment contributes to a reduction in the consumption and production of new materials, which ultimately lessens the impact on the environment, and its drain on natural resources.

Executive Summary

NORD RPK Medical was started at 2020 by goal aim of creating Europe’s leading provider of Pre-Owned Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment and in Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The founder of NORD RPK Medical is a Medical Doctor who has extensive experience in the sector and our company is based on 23 years of experience in the healthcare and medical equipment field. 

We tried to achieve our first line goals by slow organic growth and although globally we had experienced though days by COVID 19 pandemic and a war after that but company was quite successful by bellow achievements:

  • Purchased used ultrasound units and refurbished them and Sold 300 Ultrasound units/Transducers/services to end user clinics/Hospitals and also local dealers of 35 Countries.
  • Approved our knowledge and capabilities as specialist in this field of business and related technical matters.
  • DOTMed’s TOP100 for 2021 and 2022, DOTmed announces their top100 companies every year.
  • DOTmed certified.
  • Bimedis TRUST certified.
  • Became a known name in the market with good reputation.
  • Was involved in 3 donation projects with humanitarian goals.
  • Was approved by Vækstfonden Business angles.
  • Owns 2 innovative idea and design of products in medical equipment field.

In only 3 years of organic slow activity, company had success rate to sold more than 300

Ultrasound products (Ultrasound units/ transducers/services) worldwide to 34 countries.

More details can be found in business plan.

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